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Transforms data received via RS-232 (COM port) into keystrokes

End-user license agreement

Grant of license and copyright

The material contained in this release is licensed, not sold. Smartlux SARL (the copyright holder) grants a license to the person who installs this software, subject to the conditions listed below. The software may include materials developed by third parties, which retain the copyright on those materials.


This software is licensed to end users for installation on general purpose desktop computers.


You may not distribute this software or parts thereof.


You may not modify, translate, reverse engineer, reproduce, decompile, disassemble (except as expressly permitted by law), create derivative works of the software or remove any proprietary notices or labels.

Paid licenses

Some functionality of 232key (the "Plus" features) and the 232key MU edition require a paid license. One paid license is required for each installation or instance of this software that you wish to use simultaneously. You may not rent, lease, or otherwise share your license keys. You may make a one-time permanent transfer of your license key provided that you remove it from all your copies of the software.

Fitness for purpose

Smartlux SARL cannot guarantee that this software is suitable for a certain application. It is your responsibility to test and evaluate this software and to ensure that its use does not violate any laws in your jurisdiction. This software is not certified for use in legal metrology.

Safety-critical use

You will only install this software on computers where it cannot cause any significant damage. You will never use this software in safety-critical systems.


No software is ever completely error-free. Smartlux SARL shall be liable only in case of malicious intent or gross negligence.

This license is governed by Luxembourgish law.


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232key Plus license

The basic functionality of 232key is available for free. If you want to use the Plus features, please click here to buy a license from our reseller FastSpring for US$ 30 (plus VAT or sales tax, where applicable). Volume discounts are available. Your license key and invoice will be generated immediately as soon as your payment is completed.

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