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Multi-user/multi-device edition of 232key

232key MU is a special edition of 232key Plus and is only required in the following cases:

  1. Multiple users: The PC running 232key is used successively by many users and you want all of them to share the same settings and the same license. This means that a new user on the same PC does not have to configure 232key and enter a license key. It also means that changes to the settings made by one user affect all other users.
  2. Two devices: You want to simultaneously use two serial devices on one PC. This can be done by installing the regular free/Plus edition and the MU edition and configuring each one to connect to a different device. As the configuration is stored in different locations, these two editions can coexist without conflicts.

232key MU uses a file in the ProgramData directory (usually C:\ProgramData) instead of the local registry tree to save and read its settings. 232key MU contains all of the features of the Plus version.

Download 232key MU

Please click here to download the installer for 232key MU.

232key MU trial license code

We'd be happy to send you a trial license key for evaluation purposes, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Buying a 232key MU license

You can purchase a license from our reseller FastSpring for US$ 35 (plus VAT or sales tax, where applicable), which will be valid for two years and includes the use of all updates released during this period. Unlike the regular edition of 232key, 232key MU always requires a license key (there is no free version of 232key MU). After two years, the license will expire and you will need to purchase a new license to continue using the software. This is not a subscription (does not renew automatically).

Volume discounts

The following prices will be applied automatically:

  • 10-19 licenses: 10% discount,
  • 20-49 licenses: 20% discount.
  • 50+ licenses: 30%.

Please contact us to discuss discounts for significantly larger orders.

Existing 232key PLUS customers

If you want to switch your license(s) from 232key PLUS to 232key MU, you can do so by paying the price difference between both products. Please contact us (and mention the number of licenses you wish to upgrade) so that we can send you a purchase link or individual coupon code.