Smartlux SARL

23, Haaptstrooss
6661 Born

General manager: Chia-Shing Tsai
Authorized capital: 36.000€
Register of companies: Luxembourg B 89939
VAT reg. no.: LU19421214
Business authorization no.: 100626

This website is subject to the law of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

232key® and Smartlux® are registered BeNeLux Trademarks.

Email and fax

  • For technical questions, please use our support forum instead of contacting us by email. This will allow other users (who may have the same issue) to benefit from our conversation.
  • We'll be happy to send you a trial license key by email (please include "232key trial license" or "232key MU trial license" in the subject). You can also purchase a 232key Plus 90 days license by clicking here.
  • All license sales are handled by our partner FastSpring (quantity discounts are applied automatically). If you are interested in purchasing significantly more than 50 licenses, please contact us to discuss further discounts and payment options. Otherwise, please kindly click here to purchase a license.
  • As a reseller, you can still use FastSpring's automatic fulfillment process. Please consult our reseller page for further information.
  • If you do not want to use FastSpring’s fully automated process and would like to purchase licenses directly from us, please contact us. Please note that we charge a non-refundable fee of 40€ (excl. VAT) per order for manual order processing.
  • If you are an IT consultant or system integrator and need help integrating scales into your customer's processes: Please ask for our hourly rate and availabilty.


  • We cannot offer technical support over the phone! This is simply not viable for free or inexpensive software. We recommend that you use our support forum.
  • It is our corporate policy not to buy anything over the phone, ever. No exceptions, no loopholes. Do not call to sell us something (or to give us free "investment advice", conduct "surveys", etc.). You'll just waste your time and ours.
  • Phone: +352 2636 2026