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Transforms data received via RS-232 (COM port) into keystrokes

Coming soon

The features listed below are likely to be included in future versions of 232key. Don't hesitate to contact us should you have any suggestions.

This page was last updated on June 1st, 2018. Visit our blog or our Facebook page for further updates.

Under development:

We're currently working on a separate software called "Smartlux Simple Data Logger", which writes the data received from the serial device to a file instead of turning it into simulated keystrokes. Once development is finished, we'll unify the code base and add the following features to 232key:

  • TCP/IP support in addition to RS-232.*
  • Timeout instead of terminator.*

* This feature will require a Plus license.

Other ideas (currently unscheduled):

Some of these might turn out to be impossible or too difficult to implement (or simply unnecessary). Many will require a paid license. You can express your support for certain features by contacting us.

  • Support for continuous streams of data.
  • Support for POS protocols.
  • Support for multiple measurement values in same line (possibly coming in a new, scriptable "Pro" version of 232key).
  • Custom keys in addition to choice of predefined keys.
  • Ability to add multiple user-defined keystrokes ahead or after entering the measurement value.
  • Hotkey to trigger device to send data.
  • Ability to add time and date (note: use Simple Data Logger for data logging applications).
  • Ability to recognize time and date sent by device.
  • Non-ASCII data formats (as used by inexpensive scales with USB connectivity, possibly also Modbus).


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