Free version, 232key Plus, 232key MU, 232key Pro

There are currently three stable versions of 232key and the experimental 232key Pro version. The free version and 232key Plus are identical except for the functionality. Purchasing a 232key Plus license is the most popular choice and will enable all of the features of the software for a certain period of time (usually two years).

232key MU and the experimental 232key Pro version are separate downloads for special uses cases (see below).

Purchasing your license online

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All license purchases are handled by our reseller FastSpring. Your license key and invoice will be generated immediately as soon as your payment is completed. Prices shown on this page do not include VAT or sales tax, which will be calculated during the purchase process if applicable. FastSpring is based in the U.S. (Form W-9).

If you have a valid European VAT ID, you can enter it during the checkout process and no VAT will be charged. If your organization is located in the USA and is tax exempt, please read here how to place a tax exempt order or get a tax refund.

Licenses are valid for two years (unless indicated otherwise) and include all updates released during this period. They do not renew automatically (no subscription). Please click here to learn more about the changes made to our license terms as of January 1st, 2023.

Free version

The basic functionality of 232key is available for free, even for commercial use.

Learn more about 232key (free version).


232key Plus

Purchase a 232key Plus license to enable all of the features of the software for two years. Not a subscription, non-recurring.

Learn more about 232key Plus.

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90 days license

232key Plus license valid for 90 days from date of purchase. Not a subscription, non-recurring.

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232key MU

Only required in the following cases:

  • Multiple users: The PC with 232key is used successively by many users, and you want all users to share the same configuration.
  • Two devices: You want to simultaneously use two devices connected to one PC. This can be done by installing both the Plus edition and the MU edition

Learn more about 232key MU.

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232key Pro

Beta version, write your own scripts to process the captured data with unprecedented flexibility.

Learn more on the 232key Pro website.

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